UV printing on the mirror and glass

It is extraordinarily impressive use of UV-printing. A picture most often is applied onto the rear side of glass. It is possible to create an opaque picture (printing with white), as well as a stained-glass window (translucent) picture. To adorn a mirror with a pattern in style of your interior is also a task for our printer.


Printing onto glass and mirrors falls into the most intricate tasks due to low adhesion of ink to this material. We use a special primer (prime coating) and method for determination of that side of glass, on which the ink sticks stronger.

The application field of UV-printing on glass and mirrors is most of all related to the design of interiors (author lamps, interior mirrors, windows, glasses for doors between rooms, glass partitions, wall pictures, including lighting pictures, ceiling panels, including lighting panels) and furniture manufacturing (doors for sliding door wardrobes, glasses for furniture facades, aprons for kitchens.

The "Image-M" company offers UV-stamp on glass and seekral on very favorable conditions with a guarantee of quality!

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