Laser cutting and engraving of acryl

Acryl is a material, without which it is just impossible to conceive the production of promotional items, POS material, various point-of-sale equipment and other articles.

Emergence of CO2 laser cutter and engraver allowed raising the level of processing of that material on a new level. At that, the cost of works was lowered significantly. Two main processing principles can be distinguished: laser cutting of acryl and laser engraving of acryl.

The laser cutting of acryl (plexiglass) has the most wide spread occurrence when fabricating various promotional items. The use of laser equipment enables to get precision components with good crosscut end surface quality. Apart from acryl, laser can cut polystyrene, PET, ABS, wood, plywood, leather and other materials. 


By what specifically does laser processing of acryl differ from mechanical, which was used prior to the emergence of lasers?

First: very small and thin details can be cut, the width of cut in material is 0.15 mm, that is much less than the thinnest milling cutter.

Secondly: cut edges come out polished (laser beam evaporates material and melts slightly surfaces).

Thirdly: cutting speed is much higher compared to milling processing.

Fourthly: during laser processing material is not exposed to mechanical loads – it need not to be secured, small details do not suffer damages.

The company "Image-M" offers manufacturing of advertising products using modern technology of laser cutting and engraving of acryl.

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