Laser cutting and engraving

Image-M Company provides services of laser cutting of different sheet materials – whether it be plywood, wood, MDF, cardboard, acryl, PAT (polyester), leather, felt, fabric, cork, kapron mesh for filters, metal, as well as engravings on them. Two laser facilities perform high-accuracy material processing. Very deserving and above all available items are produced due to the laser high traverse speed and positioning accurac, the main users of which are advertising agencies, restaurants, cafés, hotels, shops and other enterprises and companies.

The laser cutting and engraving have became an accessible instrument. Using the laser we produce the enormous product range: POS-materials, shop equipment, badges, tags, prizes, souvenirs, souvenir magnets, construction elements, letters and characters, marking and engraving of items, etc.

Laser cutting and engraving

The nesting technology of different sheet materials by laser emission is one of powerful service tools of a manufacturing enterprise under present-day conditions. Compared to traditional mechanical methods, the laser nesting has a number of advantages, such as high rate, accuracy, small cutting thickness, as well as the absence of mechanical effect to a material. Processing operations are completely computer controlled, that eliminates errors during oheration.

Operational field dimensions of our equipment is 1200x900 mm.

The work is performed on a two or even three shift basis as may be required.

The home manufacture enables us to offer our clients the perfect quality at the justified price.

The company "Image-M" offers manufacturing of advertising products using modern technology of laser cutting and engraving.


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