Application on mugs and cups

The picture application process to tableware has the very ancient history. As far back as 1750 there were first attempts to improve that process.

As of today, the decal onto tableware has been modernized significantly.

The decal on cups means an image applying onto special paper (decal paper) by special paints with subsequent bonding and firing in a muffle furnace at a temperature of 580-820 C. Such technology usage enables to get a clear, vivid and long-lived picture resistant to physical and thermal effects. A picture can be applied onto the cup surface from handle to handle. Those cups, for production of which precious metal bearing paints – mirror gold or silver – have been used, look especially beautifully and the stylish.

Both ceramic and glass cups are used for logotype applying. The only difference is a pain used for printing and firing temperature.

Ceramic mugs and cups with logotype

Ceramic cups with logotype are the most in-demand types of promotional products. The potentials for their application are enormous, fabrication cost is not high and the efficiency is considerable. They are presented as gifts to business partners or during promotional activities. They are also used in offices for personal use, as well as sold in gift shops.

Image-M Company applies logotypes both onto its own tableware and onto the customer’s tableware. Cup color, size or shape is discussed beforehand. In any case, you will get items of high quality at the very remunerative price. The huge volume of goods manufactured and hundreds of names of cup types with decal enable us to offer the best quality at the justified price.

Glass cups with logotype


The glass cup with logotype gains popularity increasingly among users year after year. This happens due to a cup low price. Additionally, a wide range of tableware allows selecting a more elegant shape compared to a ceramic cup, though it is not inferior to it when using in practice.

Glass cups with logotype fulfill the same function as ceramic. Their application provides designers with a possibility to develop and fabricate a stylish and fine product, which is able to accomplish the main task – to provide your brand awareness and increase the loyalty of users to your products.

Our company takes orders for souvenir cups fabricated by the decalcomania method in amounts of from 50 pieces of one type. The sublimation technique is used when fabricating small number – more than one piece.

Sublimation cups

Day after day, cups with photo application gain popularity to an increasing degree. The cups have cylindrical shape and white color with application of thin layer of sublimation coverage, which are fabricated by printing with a printer with sublimation inks and special press for mugs. These mugs are in great demand because practically any picture, photo or inscription can be applied onto them.

The sublimation cup is a superb souvenir for any partner or client. The mug with a company’s logotype will be the best advertisement.

Image-M Company is able to fabricate any photo-offset printing onto a cup by the sublimation method at reasonable prices and with the minimum production time.

The company "Image-M" offers manufacturing of Ceramic mugs and cups with logotype

Image-M Company is a leader in decalcomania of advertising cups. The quality of our products complies with all standards accepted in the industry, our prices are competitive, professional competence and creativity of our employees got the high assessment among users. Cup advertising is a great opportunity to solve marketing tasks even with a restrained budget.

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