Application on production

The importance of corporate style and attributes is a well-known fact for a long time for every enterprise and business corporation. Any company always has in its arsenal dozens of types of promotional products. They are the helpers to be distinguished among hundreds of other companies.

A corporate logo or symbols visualize a unique enterprise image, which characterizes its activity status and peculiar style. It is essential to develop a brand book very thoughtfully and judiciously, because the correctly prioritized accents will help to promote the company brand more intensive among its customers. Designers of our company will give every possible assistance in developing a unique logotype layout or brand identity.

Modern people are quite practical, consequently, they prefer the gifts, which bring them the maximum benefit and which can be used in everyday life at a later time. For example, dishware with an applied logo, a branded T-shirt or cap for promotional activities remain the most popular souvenirs for a long time.

Many companies order the application of logotypes onto promotional products, because such commodities will be always useful as gifts, both for partners, permanent clients of the company and for its employees. Ordinary objects at first glance, such as ball pens, lighters and key rings acquire more creative and original appearance after application of logotypes and images onto them. Moreover, such products will constantly remind those persons to whom these souvenirs were presented of a company or organization.


Silk screening

It is a method of a logotype application, when the logotype is transferred to an item by forcing the dye through a special form. The main silk screening advantages are: big coverage area, paint coat thickness, longevity and saturation of colors. Using silk-screening printing, it is possible to apply effortlessly a logotype practically onto any souvenir item: T-shirts, windbreakers, ball pens, USB flash drives and mugs.


It is a method of a logotype application, when the dye coat is transferred to items by a special paper base, then it is covered with thin transparent varnish coat and burnt in a kiln. In most cases, the decalcomania is used for applying logotypes onto ceramic or glass surfaces, such as mugs, cups, glasses and plates. The decal is wear-resistant and has the permanent useful life. The decal is often used to manufacture souvenir items.


Tampon printing

It is a method of a logotype application, which is widely used in the advertising sphere. The tampon printing principle is that the thin dye coat is applied onto souvenir items from a printing block using a silicon tampon, whereupon the dye is dried thoroughly. The tampon printing is ideal for logotype application onto souvenir items, such as plastic ball pens, key ring-measuring reels, USB flash drives, etc. Nowadays, the tampon printing is one of the cheapest and called-for technologies of logotype application.

Resources of Image-M Company enable to manufacture large runs on a tight timetable. Because big factories, well-known companies and enterprises engage our services.

The company "Image-M" offers manufacturing of advertising products using modern technology of laser wood engraving.


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