Branding tea sets

Application of advertising messages or logos onto items of dinner services, tea or coffee sets is an effective advertising instrument.

Branded tableware is used both for the proper positioning of elite cafés and restaurants, as well as to increase of loyalty degree of the user to a trademark.


Day after day companies focus more attention to their corporate identity. For this purpose not only application of inscriptions onto souvenirs is used, but also the application of logos onto different ceramic tableware, in particular, onto services.

Dinner services or coffee sets with logotype print emphasize the individuality of a customer’s branded style; they demonstrate to visitors a feature and elite status of an establishment where they came to. Such a service is not just a souvenir – it is a method to draw attention to the brand.

Image-M Company has the experience in working with tea and coffee producers, who focus enormous attention to branding services. They are used during tastings, tea ceremonies and promotion actions. Practically every office has its own branded service to meet its visitors. Besides, a service can be as standard one, and as a selected service according to the number of required items at a customer’s request. It will enable to come to needs of our clients more flexibly.

Image-M Company provides services of branded services.

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