bandanna printing

The bandanna is a fashion accessory of garments in wide use among young people, representing a headwear in the form of a large headscarf or triangular kerchief. The bandanna is a universal headwear for people, who lead an active lifestyle: tourists, sportsmen, bikers and travelers. We use two types of bandannas for application of symbols:

classical – it has a square shape 60x60 cm and covers one’s head folded in half;

economy – the bandanna in the form of a triangular kerchief with the length of sides 60x60x85 cm.


Bandannas are made of cotton or polyester fiber. Every type of textile has its advantages. The cotton is natural material, consequently it is very pleasant in use, but polyester fiber at application has bright and durable image.

Application of a company’s logos, advertising slogans and pictures enables to increase the degree of awareness and loyalty to a trademark among the youth market. There are two printing methods onto bandannas: sublimatic heat transfer printing and silk-screening.

The company "Image-M" offers the drawing of logos and drawings on bandanas

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