Application to lighters

Lighters with applied images and logos occupy the first places in promotional product rating, because they fall into the category of cost effective souvenirs. Moreover, the application area is quite big, therefore a lot of useful information can be placed on it. Logotypes and texts are places, as a rule, on both sides, that increases popularity of such advertising medium significantly.


By type lighters are divided into silicon and piezoelectric. Every type has its advantages.

The lighting system of a silicon lighter consists of a material-silicon used for generating a spark due to friction created by mechanical effect (sharp turning of a drum). The silicon lighter is designed for mass distribution and has low price.

Piezoelectric cell possesses a property to generate electrical discharge under pressing and producing a spark. When a lighting lever is pressed, the gas supply valve is opened; the piezoelectric cell actuates producing flame.

The tampon printing is frequently used for application onto lighters.

This application method involves an image transfer from a printing block onto material. Graphic characters, logotypes and other types of symbols are transferred using such a method.

The tampon printing is one of offset printing types, where an image is transferred with the help of a silicon tampon with high elasticity and resistance against chemical reagents. Using the tampon printing technology, it is possible to apply pictures and inscriptions onto surfaces of different areas and shape.

The Image-M company offers drawing on lighters

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