Production of diaries

It is difficult to imagine a business man without a stylish diary. Whatever paces developers of office equipment would make progress, the diary is a thing being at hand at all times.

As an important element of the corporate style, diaries can be used both a marketing instrument and an excellent gift to partners at the same time.

If there is a necessity to purchase a diary, our company is ready to offer a broad assortment of products for business planning.

Application onto diaries

Logos or other required information is applied onto diaries by the silk-screening method, engraving or stamping. Every method has its advantages. To make the more correct selection, it is necessary to consult our manager directly, who will advise the optimum application method onto the products, as the case requires.


Dairy types

  • A-5 size dairies. Dimensions 14.8×21 cm. It is the most widespread dairy type. It is suitable both for office work and at a business meeting.
  • A-4 size dairies. Dimensions 21×29.6 cm. A superb instrument for elaborate planning.
  • A-6 size dairies. Dimensions 10×15 cm. It is convenient for a manager, who conducts business meetings frequently outside his office. It is housed even in a small bag or manbag.
  • The day planner is an open-type dairy, which is placed on a table and reminds about a scheduled order of the day.
  • The dated dairy is a dairy in which every sheet is intended for planning a single day of the current year.
  • The undated dairy is a dairy in which sheets are not bound to a certain date.

Lediberg dairies

Image-M Company is a business partner of Italian company Lediberg spa., founded in 1965 in Bergamo. TM Lediberg is an European leader of production of commodities for business planning. Distinguishing features of LEDIBERG dairies are unexcelled quality, wide variety, original design, functional diversity of models and topical informational contents. The cooperation with TM Lediberg Company enables our company to offer our partners the products of the highest quality at favorable price.

A personal organizer consists essentially of 352 pages. The main block consisting of 314 pages comprises pages for planning. A whole page is dedicated to weekdays, a half page – to days off. Other pages contain the address book and information block with different information required for a business man.

In our company, you can order a diary with white or cream-colored paper with a basis weight of 80 g/m2. Additionally, there is a possibility to select a color (up to ten variants) and material of fabrication. Covers – from the premium class high-quality leatherette to the economy class. The genuine leather is used for more expensive segment.

Cooperation with different brands

Our company constantly seeks new solutions for our clients for diversification of offered products. Therefore, we cooperate with many suppliers and manufactures of office accessories, for example, Buromax and Brunnen.

The company "Image-M" offers application to the diaries

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