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Pens are an invariant attribute of any person. They became widely used in all spheres of the human livelihood. Starting from the school, then offices and industrial enterprises.

Depending on material of fabrication, pens are subdivided into plastic and metal pens. In addition, depending on a stylus, they are subdivided into the following types:

Ballpoint pens – this type of pens is the most popular. Such pens consist of the casing and stylus, which has a special ball at its end. When the pen tip contacts with paper, the ball starts to rotate and at this moment, it is moistened with ink, which makes a mark on the surface.

Fountain pens – this type of pens belong to the image products, because they are not very economical and not everybody likes to write with a fountain pen. There is a special capsule with ink inside the pen casing, which is fed to the tip. Such a pen is able to emphasize high social rank of its holder instantaneously.

Gel pens or rollers – in design they are very similar with ballpoint pens, but only there is gel in a refill instead of ink paste. Such pens write more thinly and the color is more saturated. It is very conveniently to write with such pens, because even after the most insignificant contact a mark is left on paper.

Capillary pens – it is possible to draw a hair line with this pen. Usually they are used for drawings, graphs, maps. In design, there is a thin needle and ink capsule in the tube. When the needle contacts with paper, the ink capsule opens. The thickness of line can be controlled by the pressure force.



Plastic pens with application

The ballpoint pen is the most called-for type of pens.  Its plastic casing is the ideal surface for application of advertizing information, slogan or logotype. More frequently, they are used during promotion events of different character, exhibitions, trainings, seminars, as well as directly during advertizing actions, which are the most effective method to promote the company’s brand. Promo-pens with a logotype are intended mainly for mass distributions as the present. They increase the corporate culture in an enterprise, if all employees use such pens.

Application onto plastic pens is carried out by the tampon printing method, which considerably influences on the finished product price reduction. The color selection of a pen model and application colors are combined ideally practically with any corporate style of a company.


Metal pens with application

The metal pen with application is more presentable and status in comparison with the plastic pen. It is selected as business gifts and for presentation to partners. Such a pen will be just the gift, which is kept for years.

Application is made by the laser engraving onto metal surface. Such application is unaffected by mechanical effect, therefore this application type guarantees the long-term advertising service of your brand!

The company "Image-M" offers drawing of logos and inscriptions on handles

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