Drawing on an umbrella

Umbrellas belong to those accessories, without which modern people cannot do. Umbrellas came into our everyday practice firmly. Nobody wants to be out in the rain! At that, most people want to look fashionably and stylishly! On this count, the help of umbrella is irreplaceable.



Selection of an umbrella for a

Mechanical – its manual folding feature. Some models have up to five foldings, which makes it possible to put an umbrella inside a handbag. Items of such a type are made of lightweight materials, and that is an additional bonus in combination with dimensions.

Semi-automatic – an umbrella opens just with a press of a button. It happens in the nick of time, if you have to run out quickly into the rainy street. Such an item is folded manually.

Automatic – an umbrella opens automatically. With such an accessory, you will not waste precious minutes to fold the umbrella. Moreover, it has small size.

A walking stick is the most reliable and durable variant. Apart from that, such an umbrella will be a stylish supplement to your dress. An umbrella-walking stick is a leader of sales in the advertising sphere.

Umbrellas with logotype application

The silk-screening or thermal transfer method is used to apply a logo onto umbrellas. Our managers will consult you and help to select a required model with the most optimum application method. If an exhibition, action, conference or presentation is to be organized, an umbrella is the best variant as a gift, because it never be stored on a shelf! The use of umbrellas with corporate logos will remind about your company at all times, even on a cloudy rainy day!

The company "Image-M" offers drawing of logos and inscriptions on umbrellas

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