Manufacture of watches

The time is the most valuable resource of a human. Probably, therefore everybody looks at a clock not a single time a day. It was just the reason for marketing specialists when creating a new advertising medium - the clock with logo.



The wall-mounted clock with the company’s logotype is very effective advertising, because employees and clients of the company look at the clock constantly. A branded clock – a worthy and reliable gift for partners and your symbols will adorn more than office. The clock with logo fabricated with the company identification style will emphasize the interior. The permanent use of the item does not influence on its wear-and-tear.

There are several varieties of clocks – wall-mounted or table, hand or electronic clocks. For decorative design of clocks, our company uses high-quality materials and the most professional equipment only. The shape and size of clocks may be different depending on a customer’ desire. Our company applies a picture onto a clock using silk-screening or tampon printing.

The company "Image-M" offers clock manufacturing

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