Manufacturing of stickers

Nameplates (three-dimensional resin stickers) are information plates in the form of a sticker, with data about the item, producer or trademark, which the item belongs to.


Fabrication of nameplates with polymer resin

First a picture is printed on the basis for fabrication of nameplates. Then the required shape of a future nameplate is cut with a special tool (plotter). Next the prepared cut stickers are coated with liquid polymer resin, which must harden within 24 hours. Three-dimensional stickers look brighter and more beautiful than ordinary stickers, they serve longer and very resistant to mechanical damages, scratches, sunlight or water influence.

Three-dimensional stickers are not only effective advertising tool, but a useful product to your company as well. They are not expensive and accessible for a budget, and their unforgettable appearance and attractiveness will leave the name of your company or brand name in memory of target customers for a long time.

The range of application of nameplates is quite wide:

-  trademark on computer equipment, home and medical appliances, industrial equipment (monitors, system units, refrigerators, air-conditioners, television sets, devices, machine-tools, etc.);

- in restaurants, pizzerias, coffee shops, cinemas and other public catering enterprises (ash-trays, cigarette-lighters, tall wine glasses, tokens, checks for coats and arm-chairs, door signs, etc.);

-  at furniture manufacturing;

-  logotypes of automobile companies – they are used on dashboards, bodies, disks;

-  sports clubs and societies (symbols on souvenirs, cups, medals, etc.);

- advertising events, decoration of holidays and parties, and a lot more.

Fabrication of metal nameplates

We fabricate technical nameplates for industrial enterprises (metal nameplate). A picture applied onto metal is resistant against effects of acids, wear and tear, atmospheric precipitations. Plates, dashboards, nameplates and other products are in conformity with industrial standards.

The "Image-M" company offers the production of shields

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