Manufacturing of magnets

Magnets for quite short time won the main place among all souvenirs. Because their place is a refrigerator! In every house on the most prominent position one can see a great number of different advertising magnets of different shape, material, color and content. Magnets became favorite souvenirs, which are the most desirable items to be brought from a trip, museum or place of interest. Just magnets cause to remember about an event for a long time.


Acrylic magnets.

They represent a transparent plastic case of a standard size, inside which a printed insertion is fitted. They may be of different sizes, but the most popular sizes are 52 x 78 mm (insertion 45 x 70 mm) and 65 x 65 mm (insertion 57 x 57 mm). They are the least labour-consuming, that have direct relevance to their price and fabrication quickness.

Vinyl magnets.

Magnetic vinyl is the basis of such magnets. They can have different thickness. Vinyl with a glue film 0.4 mm thick is used for magnets, it is quite sufficient for magnet fabrication. One of vinyl magnet advantages is a possibility to fabricate magnets of any shape and size. At that, nibbling is required for irregular-shaped magnets. A roller cutter, printer and laminator will be quite enough for fabrication of regular shape magnets.

Magnets are the most widespread souvenir for distribution at corporate parties and other major events. The magnet will remind about a past event at all times.

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