Finished products laser engraving

  Souvenirs, pens and any other items, with laser engraving are the great opportunity to present a valuable, stylish and really exclusive gift to a dear and respected person, business partner or VIP client. Apart from image pictures, our clients have demand also on the laser marking of items from stock.

Finished products laser engraving

  Our lasers allow applying images of high quality practically onto any materials. Metal laser engraving looks especially impressively. Such application is very resistant to mechanical effects, chemically active substances and UF rays. When using lasers with different emitters, we are able to engrave both uncovered metal (stainless steel, alloys and chrome-plated surfaces) and metals with coatings (anodized aluminum, gilding, lacquered and painted).

The company "Image-M" offers manufacturing of advertising products using modern technology of Finished products laser engraving

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