Laser cutting & engraving of other materials

Apart from materials listed in other sections, our laser machining systems enable to process effectively the great number of other materials as well.

Let us enumerate these materials with designation of typical processing type for each of materials.

Laser cutting & engraving of other materials

  PET polyester plastics. Thin and flexible. White color or transparent. Laser cutting. No engraving. Frequently the laser cutting combines with UF printing in polyester items. We fabricate the following items of these plastics: stencils, badges, РОS material, packaging of limited circulation, pockets for stands.

  Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paper. They are cut perfectly, but there is light brown scorching along the edge on light cardboard. Superficial engraving can be performed by laser on cardboard. We fabricate from cardboard stencils, elements of decorative design for events (often for further painting), cardboard packaging patterns (they can be made from ornamental cardboard or with UV-printing, silk-screening or typographic matting – decal of a paper layer with offset), laced postcards made of designer cardboard, technical details (gaskets, inserts for transformers), body-shaped items (they can be made from foam board – sandwich cardboard-foamed plastic-cardboard, it is a little bit expensive, though it looks effective and very smooth and lightweight), wabblers, shelf talkers, price tags, shelf stoppers, dispensers and other POS material.

  Double-layer plastics for engraving. Due to combination of two colors of the covering and padding, it is possible to get dichromatic engraved goods. Plastics with metallized surface (silvery and golden) are especially popular. We fabricate plates, badges, key rings, tags, nameplates, components for prizes, etc.

  Textiles, felt, non-woven fabric (Vlieseline). Though our equipment is not specialized for cutout of such materials (special machine-tools are bought by clothing factories), but we have experience with several large orders. The result is good. Apart from laser cutout, it is possible to do laser engraving onto cloth. This subject is very interesting, especially for denim fabric items.

  Cork (granulated cork sheet material). It is cut and engraved perfectly, used for ornamental purposes. It is possible to fabricate small gasket batches (it is more profitable to use nibbling for large batches).

  Polymer networks for filters. Our attempts to work with this material were successful with great number of items. The material needs to be tested before taking for processing.

  Rubber for engraving. It is special rubber which produces less soot during laser cutting and engraving as compared with common rubber. It is possible to make different stamps (engraving) or intricately shaped gaskets (cutting). Of course, it is not that rubber treatment level which is used for fabricating real stamps. But we do not fabricate them at all – it is a licensed sphere.

  Glass. We can execute laser engraving onto glass only. There are some constraints, for example, to the dimensions for cylindrical surfaces.

  Capron, polyethylene, polyethylene foam (isolon). They can be cut and engraved, but with some constraints.

  Foam rubber. It is cut well, thickness limitation is 10 mm.

  Foam plastic (polystyrene foam). It is cut by laser rather well, but thickness must be not more than 5 mm.

  Leather, leatherette. Leather and leatherette can be cut by laser, but the materials are of a great variety in their properties and require testing with the purpose to select processing modes.

  Composite. The laser engraving is only possible onto composit: the laser beam burns out the paint-and-lacquer coating and exposes aluminum layer. A picture has quite normal quality. At that, composit tags or nameplate with laser engraving have very nice stability to environmental exposure.

  Vinyl plates. They are cut by laser properly, small detailed drafting is possible. They are used for display works.

The company "Image-M" offers manufacturing of advertising products using modern technology of Laser cutting & engraving of other materials

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