POS material fabrication

  Point-of-sales material is promotional items disposed in the immediate places of sale. They represent an effective instrument of product and service promotion. Their main purpose is the commodity and service sale increase in the immediate point-of-sale by attracting attention of the user to a product and the impulse purchase stimulation.

POS material fabrication

  The wide range of promotional items is put into POS material. It is also shop fixtures and fittings including branded shelves, stands, plastic or cardboard trays. Different types of printed and souvenir products are used as POS material. An enormous segment is promotional goods designating the availability of a brand in the sales area (wabblers, mobiles, shelf-stoppers, shelf talkers, etc.). Laser technologies are frequently used foe fabricating these products.

The company "Image-M" offers manufacturing of advertising products using modern technology of POS material fabrication

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