Business card making

A business card firmly became part of everyday business life of people as an inherent accessory. There is a great number of rules of making up, presentation, acceptance and storage of business cards, the neglect of which can compromise you in the eyes of colleagues and clients. It is thought the bad taste to cross out or correct information on a card in case, if they got out of date – it is necessary to order new business cards. When visiting a person, who was not found at the place, when passing a business card via the secretary, it is necessary to turn down the right upper corner, that is interpreted as a sign of respect. Therefore, business cards confirm the status of people and their business reputation.


Plastic, paper or designer cardboard – the material choice is quite broad, as well as the range of color offered our clients.

Business cards are printed in two methods – offset printing and silk-screening printing. Each of them has advantages depending on the purpose of use.

Offset business cards

This type of business cards is dedicated to mass distribution during actions, presentations or exhibitions. Such business cards are printed in large printing runs, which reduce their cost considerably.

Silk-screen business cards

This type of business cards falls into more presentable type of cards. They are fabricated using the wide range of designer cardboards; information is printed with the silk-screening method with a possibility to use different special effects (selective varnish, puffing), as well as metallic inks (gold and silver), which cannot be obtained at printing business cards by the offset method. This is more costly and presentable type of products for people who esteem style and quality.

The business card as an advertising medium and business instrument fulfils several functions at once – representative, image, identity card, demonstration of possibilities of its holder, accompaniment of business contacts.). Nowadays, the exchange of business cards at a business acquaintance is mandatory. An exclusive and stylish business card inspires more confidence to its holder, and sometimes even deserves the honored place in the business card folder of a recipient. Thus, the success of business contact depends partly on the quality and design of your business card.

Business card making

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