Milling services

For more than 12 years, our company uses a milling machine with computer numerical control (CNC) in the promotional item production. With the advent of laser machine-tools in our equipment fleet, a part of tasks has passed to them, but it is impossible to substitute completely the milling machining for the laser one – some materials are unamenable for laser machining, and indeed the tasks are of that type sometimes that without a milling cutter – in no way.


What materials used in advertising business do we process with the milling cutter? This is, in the first place, composite material, foamed PVC and wood. Furthermore, there are sometimes tasks for milling of hard types of PVC, polystyrene, high-impact polystyrene, textolite and other similar materials.

Without machining, it is impossible to fulfill such operations as 3D engraving, 2D-cutting out, engraving of complex patterns deepened in material.

What do we do with the help of a milling machine? It is difficult to enumerate everything. Here is the short list:

signboards (in many cases illuminated signboards) made of composite material or PVC;

light boxes with split front panels;

elements of three-dimensional letters and symbols;

flat letters and symbols;

structure elements;

body-shaped figures;

point-of-sale and exhibition equipment;




panels for devices;

elements for decoration of interiors and building facades.

The company "Image-M" offers manufacturing of advertising products using modern technology of laser wood engraving.

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