Printing and making calendars

OOO Image-M has immense experience in fabrication of calendars of different types, forms and formats. Foremost, it is a wall calendar, table calendar and pocket calendar.

Calendar fabrication

The calendar is inexpensive, but at the same time a necessary and useful gift, which is able to combine marketing and image functions.

Just due to the utility of calendar and its daily visual contact with a user is attributable to the efficiency of its application in marketing and advertising purposes. The elegance, high-quality printing and considered design – these are the main demands made to such a type of printed products.


Wall calendars

Quarterly calendar with one spring and three-in-one block

It is a low-cost variant of the wall calendar. It is offered in three versions – without the advertising margin, with one lower advertising margin and with two advertising margins – lower and upper. 12 sheet poster of chalk-overlay cardboard 250 g/m2, with format 210x297 mm or 420x297 mm. Chalk-overlay mat paper block 90 g/m2 with format 432x297 mm. Padding – chalk-overlay cardboard 250 g/m2. The binding – metal spring, date window and eyelet.

A3 format calendar with one spring

The traditional wall calendar. Large format enables to arrange illustrations of high quality and insert a lot of useful information. The chalk-overlay cardboard cover 250 g/m2 with format 420x297 mm. A block of 12 chalk-overlay mat paper sheets 90 g/m2 of the same format. Padding – chalk-overlay cardboard 250 g/m2. The binding – metal spring and latch.

Quarterly calendar with three springs and four advertising margins

It is the ideal wall calendar from the standpoint of functionality, advertising possibilities and respectable appearance. Chalk-overlay cardboard poster 250 g/m2, with format 210x297 mm. A block of chalk-overlay mat paper 90 g/m2 with format 120x297 mm. Padding – chalk-overlay cardboard 250 g/m2. The binding – metal spring, date window, eyelet. As an option, similar type of a calendar can be fabricated both with two and with five advertising margins.

 Table calendars

The table calendar is an invariable attribute of any office; it is useful and fine object on the table of every employee. Apart from its direct purpose, it also fulfils the function of the advertising information medium.

There are two most widespread types of such items:

non loose-leaf calendar – represents a dense sheet folding in a simple construction, reminding a tent (from one side a calendar grid is printed for the whole year, and from other one – advertising information);

loose-leaf calendar – usually it is loose sheets fastened with a spring and fixed on the basis in the form of a pyramid: each sheet contains 1 printed month (then the item has 12 sheets) or by one from every side (then there are 6 sheets).

Small calendars

The value of this item consists in that there is the calendar grid on one of its sides, which enables its holder within the whole year to navigate in dates and days of a week, and to record the large volume of useful information on the other side,

This modest souvenir is often distributed at the followings events: exhibitions, presentations, shows, in the street, in metro and in other public places.

Small calendars usually are not thrown out into a litterbin, but they are left in a bag or pocket due to their compact sizes. Such a calendar acts as a business card of your company, as well as it reminds about commodities or services of your business for a long time.


Our company at your request will fabricate a non-standard calendar with one spring and two advertising margins, with three springs and three margins for advertising.

Our specialists will perform for you the entire spectrum of works to fabricate calendars, starting from an idea development, creation of a professional design and finishing directly by the fabrication of a high-quality item. In order to attain the singularity and refinement for your calendar, we suggest to take advantage of such technologies as the laser engraving on acryl, wood and cardboard.

You can purchase calendars of adequate type and format after contacting with our managers. High quality of products and competitive price is the visiting card of Image-M Company.

he company "Image-M" offers printing and making calendars

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