Advertising posters

Advertising placards are a remarkable method to communicate information about an item or service to the would-be customer. Such bright advertising instrument gave superb account of itself performing the functions not only as a source to attract the attention to a commodity, but also to maintain the interest to it in future. At that, the low level of material consumption for fabrication of placards stipulates their considerable economic efficiency.


A4, A3, A2 and A1sizes are the most widespread sizes.

Nowadays printed products play the key role in activity of many companies, exhibition centers, cinemas and some their types are just irreplaceable.

So, placards, posters and playbills are traditionally used as materials for presentations with illustrations, schemes and diagrams, as well as for the maximum fast and accessible information of customers about concerts, exhibitions and other events.

Such items look not only effective, but they also arise pleasant emotional sensations. If a customer selects such type of the printed product, he reduces his financial expenditure, and that, you must agree, has a substantial significance in our days.

The qualitative advertising printed products must not only attract the attention, but also look stylish and expensive sustaining your brand.

The company "Image-M" offers the production of advertising posters

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