Hangers are paper tags with a carved hook for hanging.  Door hangers (a variation of hangers) are tags, which are hung on a door handle. Hangers and door hangers are effective information and advertising medium. They can be used as information plates in offices, hotels or as distribution advertising materials.



Sizes and coloration of hangers can be different according to customer preferences.

Hangers made of dense paper or cardboard, plates for the door handle, are used not only in the restaurant-hotel industry, but in the advertising business as well. They help manufacturing companies and private entrepreneurs to offer their products or services. Their unusual and original shape make advertising more interesting and attractive. The hanger, which is known abroad for a long time, wins also ever-greater popularity in our country. It is used in the hotel business, restaurants, shops, pharmacies and the perfume industry.

The company "Image-M" offers the production of henggers

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