Every detail is important in creating positive image of an establishment: the experienced staff, original interior and unusual conception. A printed menu of a restaurant plays not the last role. Because the close acquaintance of a client with your brand will begin starting with it.



Menu printing for a restaurant is very important, as the number of such establishments grows swiftly. Consequently, every restaurant proprietor knows that for creating positive image every trifle must be taken into account in order to be one step ahead of competitors. A considered, non-standard design of the main menu will arouse interest at once, demonstrate the concern for the guests and desire that every nuance favor the pleasant rest.

A tablemat is a small paper, plastic or cardboard sheet used as a mat for tableware. Its size must be not less than 30´40 cm to provide enough place for tableware (plate, glass and flatware). Most practical and comfortable tablemats have the rectangular form. As a rule, tablemats for restaurants and public catering enterprises are fabricated of paper of different basis weight. The tablemat is placed on a table, flatware is placed on the tablemat sides and the tableware is put in the tablemat center. Tablemats are consumable materials, as well as napkins, which must be available on a table at mealtime.

It is no secret that the competition in the restaurant business sphere grows rapidly from day to day. The professional approach to the development of your own business in this sphere will be provided by fabrication of tablemats. Tablemat printing (advertising padding on the table) will help to show the best advantage just for your establishment.

The company "Image-M" offers the production of menus and sets.

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