Polygraphic products

The graphic arts printing is a process of multiple replication of an image onto material by ink transfer from the ink carrier. As of today the variety of printed products impress with their diversity. Everywhere we are surrounded with the great number of their type – leaflets and booklets, books, magazines and newspapers, placards and posters, brochures and catalogues, postcards and invitation cards, packing, labels and stickers. In our time, the business existence is impossible in any sphere of activity without printed products.

The quality of printed products is composed of three constituents, namely: idea, design level and printing quality. We will embody ideas into high-class items with great pleasure!


Printed products are subdivided into several main groups:

Representative products – visiting cards, folders, notebooks, envelopes, invitation cards and letterheads fall in this type of products. All of these things are required for normal functioning of any firm and company. That is why they are also named the business printed products. They are fabricated, as a rule, in the branded company style, which raise its image in the eyes of partners and target clients, promote the rise of popularity and awareness of a company and products produced by this company at the market. The role of business printed products has somewhat broadened – the business printed products fabricated in the branded style fulfill the advertising function as well.

Advertising products are leaflets and flyers, booklets, brochures and catalogues, labels, leaflets, placards, playbills and posters, etc. POS-materials can be also attributed to advertising printing products, which exert influence directly at point-of-sale terminals and stimulate the buyer to purchase any product. Advertising products are the most diverse products on their embodiment, because they have far-from-simple task – to bring to the attention of target customers, awake their interest, make information clear about an offered commodity or service.

Calendar products are the most multifunction printed products in the form of sheet calendars, wall and table loose-leaf calendars, the most popular calendars for the office – quarterly, handy and attractive desk tent calendars, and, certainly, pocket calendars.


Image-M Company offers fabrication of printed products.


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