When selecting a gift we always think about a beautiful postcard. The postcard becomes not only the sign of politeness, but also the demonstration of a company image; it enhances reputation in the eyes of a partner. An exclusive designer postcard will demonstrate to an addressee the special attention, the importance of existing business relationships.


At present, printing of branded postcards becomes more and more urgent. This will enable to fabricate an item according to individual design. Such products are required not only for a certain holiday. The postcard is needed at all times, because it is a deserved gift by itself.

Postcards are printed by using different printing types:

Offset printing enables to create the printing run of postcards in amounts from 500 pieces. A big plus of this printing type is a possibility to use not only an exclusive designer paper, but also to apply different types of finishing, such as stamping, lamination, die cutting.

Digital printing – at that type of printing the quality and affordable price are combined. This printing type would be appropriate for use when ordering postcards in a small printing run. At that, different color gamma can be used – a postcard results natural and aesthetically acceptable. The low cost of such printing fits well to many customers, therefore it enjoys special popularity when a small printing run of products is required.

Modern postcards have a lot of meanings and they fulfill various functions. Up to this day, they have quite clear purpose – to attract the attention of the customer to one or another commodity and service. Their major aim is marketing orientation. A customer can add specimens-testers of his products to such postcards.

The company "Image-M" offers a printing of postcards.

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