The advertising stand represents a screen or construction with text and (or) graphic information of different content. It can be interactive or static. Advertising monitors, monitors or TV-sets can be used complete with media-player and LED panels for fabrication of interactive stands.

  The stand is an advertising medium, which is ideally suited for furnishing information about services, work conditions and other information required for the customer. Besides, it enables to present products promoting by a company in the required way, to get necessary marketing or advertising message across to the customer.


  The exhibition stand besides the information loading can be adapted for placement of product specimens (it is equipped with different supports and holders) and hand-out printed materials, which are arranged in pockets or trays.

  Stands can be classified according to many characters. For example, street or indoor stands; floor or suspended stands; mobile banner stands (spiders, roll-ups, backwalls) or stationary; informative, advertising, educational, point-of-sale, exhibition, demonstration, corners of user, on a labour protection and accident prevention, on fire safety, school, agitation, for pictures, memorial and other.

The company "Image-M" offers the production of stands in a short time on very favorable terms with a guarantee of quality!

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