UV printing on wood and pluywood

The same category comprises printing onto materials for manufacturing furniture and interior decoration – woodchip board, MDF, HDF, fibreboard, plywood, cardboard, foam plastic, wall and ceiling panels, cover straps on doors, etc.

The full-color picture printing directly onto wooden items enables to get a unique decorative effect, when the wood texture beauty is preserved and augmented with high-quality picture with saturated colors and high resistance against mechanical, chemical and light impacts.


It is used for fabrication of decorative items like caskets and cases, children’s construction sets, magnets, souvenirs, plates, stands, signboards, photographs and photo frames, furniture parts.

It is an interesting field of application, where we use UV-printing onto wood – imitation of laser engraving, which is considerably less costly for a customer, but visually is almost indistinguishable.

"Image-M" company offers UV printing on wooden surfaces on very favorable conditions with a guarantee of quality!

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