UV printing on plastic and acrylic

Practically any polymeric material, including acryl, PVC, PET, polystyrene, etc. can be used as a carrier. Ordering is very popular Orders with printing of translucent pictures onto acryl (light boxes, ceilings and wall pictures with backlighting, dashboards and panels of game-playing machines, lampshades) are very popular now.


The list of plastic items with the use of UV-printing is enormous: decorative pictures and posters, magnets, prizes, plates, nameplates, badges, coat checks, solar shades, signboards, etc.). Printing is also possible onto finished products – notebooks, power banks, souvenirs, photo frames, covers of boxes, etc.

An additional option is the laser or milling cutting of plastic with printing. This technology is irreplaceable for fabrication of POS materials (wabblers, shelf talkers, shelf stoppers, price tag holders, price tags, brand panels for point-of-sale refrigerators, etc.).

"Image-M" company offers UV-stamp on acrylic and plastic on very favorable conditions with a guarantee of quality!

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